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Putin Finally Admits: “I Wanted Trump to Win the Elections” in 2016

While rejecting accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 US election, Vladimir Putin said that the Trump candidate had his preference, because of his promise to normalize relations between the United States and Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on July 16 that he wanted to see Donald Trump win the presidential election in the United States in 2016. “Yes, I wanted him to win because he was talking about the normalization of Russian-American relations,” he told the press conference after his talks with Donald Trump in Helsinki.

To resolve the controversy, maintained since December 2016, the Russian president has proposed to allow Washington to question Russian intelligence agents accused of interference in the presidential election. “We have an agreement between the United States and Russia dating from 1999 on help in criminal cases and this agreement still works. In this context, [the US prosecution] can send a request to conduct the interrogation of these people who are suspected, “detailed the Russian leader.


Press conference dominated by question of alleged Russian interference 
Three days before the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Washington on 12 July indicted 12 Russian intelligence agents accused of involvement in the hacking of the Democratic Party. 2016.

At the end of a shattering European tour, Donald Trump had blown hot and cold about the Russian-American relationship. The US president had in turn described Russia as “competitor” and then as “enemy”. On July 16, alongside Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump called his counterpart a “good competitor”. A judgment which, according to him, is a compliment.

Beyond the hijacking drama of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, which continues to occupy the press across the Atlantic, the two leaders have agreed to qualify their first bilateral meeting as a “first step” on several issues. records. Among them, Syria and the issue of the Iran nuclear deal, but also the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

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