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Video! He Put A Hidden Digital Camera In His Mother’s Room. What He Discovered Was Unimaginable

It goes without saying that the elderly should get the best treatment at nursery homes. Sadly, the truth can be quite disappointing, and for that matter, disturbing.

After suspecting mistreatment of his mother, a resident at a nursing home, a man decided to set a camera into his mother’s room.  As he was unable to look after her because of work, the son chose a nursery home for his mother hoping that she’d get the best treatment she deserves. But, soon after her admission to the home, he started noticing bruises and cuts on her face. It was then that he decided to hide a camera in his mom’s room and see what was going on when he wasn’t there.

The footage left him lost for words. Not only did he see the most outrages things done by staff at the home, such as blowing their nose under his mother’s mattress, but he also saw frequent visits of residents to his mother’s room. His mother was unwillingly pressured into wearing a diaper for grown-ups though she didn’t need one.


The first action the son took was show the footage to the CEO of the nursing home, who was also shocked by what he saw.

That is not acceptable. Based mostly on what I see on the preliminary investigationIt’s completely unacceptable!

Watch the video below:



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