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Pssst…Get In Here! – 10 Surefire Ways To Get Over Your Crush

As much as people can tell you that love is in your heart that is not true , every feeling that we have is programmed by our mind then straight to our hearts.

Once we convince our mind of something our hearts follow. It is the same with a crush , having a crush doesn’t mean you in love with them, it simply means you attracted to them .

It could be that the person posses certain qualities you favor. Now , the issue with the crush is it’s a temporal thing but its comes like waves , it affects you soo badly both mentally and emotionally and that’s not healthy remember a crush is more like a fantasy , you draw pictures in your head and forget reality.

Below are the tips of how to get over your crush before you get hurt real bad.

1.Find people who understand how you feel and tell them e.g friends or family.

2.Admit your crush, admit it yourself that you do have a crush on the person.


3.Tell your crush ,confront them and tell them straight up if its possible. If you scared to do so , rather write them a letter , any feeling is better dealt with when expressed.

4.Acknowledge defeat , your crush might not feel the same way about you so brace yourself for defeat, don’t let it discourage you , it doesn’t mean you ugly or worthless, it just that in reality there’s no Romeo and Juliet techniques.

5.Separate yourself from your crush, try to keep distance to avoid having your feelings hurt.

6.Take care of yourself , make yourself look soo beautiful and sexy , it should boost your confidence and make your crush regret their decision.

7.Meet some new people , make more friends and be outgoing, it’ll shift your focus.

8.Be wary of relapsing – in everything that you do , make sure you don’t go back to square one.

9.Avoid becoming bitter – don’t be bitter and hateful because of rejection , turn that into a positive and bare in mind that someone out there also has a crush on you.

10.Make a list of the worst qualities your crush possess, everyone have those qualities that just set one off…list those when you see them , look for nothing but the negatives or bad attributes he posses , maybe their teeth are yellow or their nails are dirty.


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