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PSquare: “Paul Insulted My Wife and Children” Nigeria’s Peter Okoye Does the Big Unpacking

Several months after their separation, Peter returned to the circumstances that led to the dissolution of the Psquare group.

Now called Mr. P, Peter Okoye said it was the lack of respect for him and his family that drove him to separate from his brother. According to Peter, Paul was always insulting his wife and children.


Peter married Lola Omotayo-Okoye in 2015. The couple has two children, Cameron and Aliona.

“In life, what we call the value of the family is important,” Peter told Kenyan TV channel Citizen TV.


“Fans are asking for the Psquare group, but how often do you want Psquare to meet again? We separated three times and for the same problem. So, if Psquare needs to come back, this problem needs to be fixed. “

He also stressed that he is forced to put his wife and children first because of his wedding vow.

“I left the group because I felt that my family was not respected. There is something we call marginalization. Never be a slave because you want the union of your family. Psquare can only return if there is 100% respect. I do not disrespect my brother’s wife or family, but he does it all the time. He insults me and my family in public on Instagram, and the next minute he’s waiting behind the scenes for a show. I can not do that. One thing is certain, I vowed to protect my wife and children on my wedding day and I stick to that. “

Since their separation, Peter and Paul continue their solo career.


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