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PSG’ Neymar’s Tribute to Scientist Stephen Hawking Sparks Controversy

While spending a few days recuperating in Brazil, Neymar, who is slowly recovering from his injury, paid tribute to scientist Stephen Hawking, who died Wednesday at the age of 76. Only the message that the Parisian player has composed a farewell message for this purpose which did not please everyone.

On his twitter account, Neymar posted a message. The number 10 PSG photographed sitting on a wheelchair, wearing just underpants with a message: ” We must have a positive attitude and make the most of the situation in which we find ourselves “.

Neymar’s tribute has sparked controversies on the web. For some Internet users, this message from the Brazilian is wrong. Indeed, Hawking had been condemned to live on a wheelchair for 50 years because he had Charcot’s disease.


Grant Wahl, of Sports Illustrated magazine , insurgent on his Twitter account: ” It is the height of egocentrism to take over the death of Hawking. Neymar’s temporary wheelchair situation is absolutely incomparable with that of Hawking, who has spent most of his life in this situation. I’m sure Neymar did not want to hurt, but finally . “

Several other Internet users have also revolted on social networks: ” Kid, it’s difficult to defend yourself after that, ” tweeted Gustavo a Brazilian surfer. “ He used the death of Stephen Hawking and his disability to announce his recovery for a broken leg. Repugnant, “tweets another visibly more upset.


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