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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Can’t Bite the Hand that Feeds Him With Powers: Ghanaian Witch Doctor


One could tell from his phenotypes that he possess the great powers of healing, affluence and influence. The notorious and boisterous overseer Bonsam continues to baby kiss his intentions of suffocating the current prophets by engulfing his oxygen powers.

The famous and buffalo structured spiritualist the great Bonsam says he is planning to take his powers from Bushiri he is not paying his subscriptions


“It leaves me in an ocean of bewilderment to see these prophets undermining traditional doctors in churches though they got powers from me. I am planning to tour these churches and take my MUTI from them. You will see they will never prophecy anyone.” He said this with a witchcraft smile.

*The brobdingnagian spiritualist said any prophet who messes up with him can disappear anytime and none of them can personally attack him in a church service. “They can’t attack their peanut butter.” He said this exposing his teraccoted teeth.

*I made Prophet Shepherd Bushiri rich and now they vomit their ingesta in my palm. I am going to take my powers.” He said this ferociously tears cascading from his blessing eyes.

*He said Bushiri can’t bite the hand that feeds him with Powers.

*He promised Bushiri’s followers that he will be out soon , as he will keep him in prayers.


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