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Controversial South African Prophet Anoints Church Members’ Panties to Protect Them Against Evil Spirit

A prophet has started anointing the panties of his church members to prevent them from being attacked by evil spirits.

According to DailySun SA, the controversial prophet, whose real name is Mboro Paseka Motsoeneng, made the revelation during an interview on JACARANDA FM this morning.

In the interview, the prophet famed for his alleged ascention to heaven where he claimed to have taken pictures of, explained that the underwear anointed by him will keep his church members safe from evil spirits.


“Instead of laying my hand, we call that the transferation of the anointing. I speak the Word to those underwears. The power of God will get in, they wear it and God does something,” he said.

He also warned about the terrors of invisible men known as “spiritual husbands” that stalk ordinary people’s houses, sleeping with both men and women.

According to him, these spiritual husbands r*pe, cause horror and agony in people’s lives, including causing vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, sexual transmitted diseases and men’s 4-5s to stop functioning.


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