Private Aviation Company Launches Ethiopia’s First Air Ambulance Service

ast African Aviation, a private company, has inaugurated Ethiopia’s first ambulance transportation service.

The Company owned by Captain Mulat Lemlemayehu, a former commercial pilot at the Ethiopian airlines,  also inaugurated its newly established aviation school and air charter service at a ceremony later Thursday in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

East African Aviation has become the first aviation company in East African region to provide air ambulance transportation, flight training and private charter services all in one place.

Officials of the company have told reporters that East African Aviation has introduced the first air ambulance service in Ethiopia with aircrafts that are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and licensed medically trained personnel to provide a safe and efficient air transportation for those requiring prompt medical attention in East Africa.


The inaugural ceremony has taken place in the presence of senior government officials of Ethiopia, diplomats, and other prominent personalities among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, has hailed the air ambulance service introduced by East African Aviation.

The deputy prime minister noted that new investments are being introduced in Ethiopia due to the economic growth witnessed in the country.

Speaking during the inaugural ceremony, Mulat Lemlemayehu, Owner and CEO of East African Aviation, said,:

“With the state-of-the-art medical equipment fitted in the air ambulance, we specialize in transporting patients with the same level of care that would be expected from a hospital ICU.”


“Air ambulance has been non-existent in our country Ethiopia with over 90 million people, a tourist hub in the whole region of Africa and, above all, with a city like Addis Ababa that is the diplomatic capital of Africa where we have a big international community,” he noted.

He told reporters that East African Aviation has a team composed of accomplished, knowledgeable, and qualified pilots who have served Ethiopian Airlines for many years.

East African Aviation flight school has the first full motion simulation for a private school in Ethiopia, he said, the trainer aircrafts such as the Cessna 172 Sky Hawk glass cockpit are well tailored providing user friendly interface for the student and are known to be the best trainer aircrafts in its class.


Captain Mulat Lemlemayehu

East African Aviation said its aircraft for private charter, is the King Air 350 which is one of the most durable and comfortable aircrafts in its class.

With its capability of landing on short and gravel runway, the aircraft reaches cruise speeds of up to 578 km per hour and will get passengers to their destinations quickly and efficiently, according to the company.

Lemlemayehu has founded the company after having served the Ethiopian Airlines commercial pilot for 39 years.

With over 27,000 flight hours, Captain Mulat has the experience of flying aircraft ranging from DC-3, DH-6, ATR 42, Boeing 707, 720 upto to Boeing 777 and 787.


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