Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh, Allegedly Involved In Car Crash (Photos)

A barrister has told how he pulled the Duke of Edinburgh from the wreckage of his Land Rover as he shouted ‘My legs! Where should I put my legs?’ after crashing into a Kia carrying two women and a baby.

Roy Warne said Prince Philip, 97, told police he had been ‘dazzled by the sun’ at a T-junction before the collision near his Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

Philip’s Land Rover was heading onto the A149 out of a private estate road leading from Sandringham House when he was ‘dazzled by winter sunshine’ and struck by the Kia, which was going south.

The impact on Philip’s driver’s side slipped the car on to the passenger’s side before is spun over and slid across the single carriageway.

After reaching the far edge, it then flipped again 180 degrees onto the driver’s side before coming to a halt.

Mr Warne and other drivers quickly ran to help and were joined by emergency service personnel who helped pull the Duke through the sunroof.

A villager who asked not to be named said: ‘It is an extremely busy road and it is a miracle that he was not hit by another car as well.

Prince Philip has been involved in a car crash close to the Sandringham Estate, but is unhurt, says Buckingham Palace.


Prince Philip has been staying with the Queen at Sandringham since Christmas.

File image shows Prince Philip driving his Land Rover.

Picture shows highway workers clearing up the wreckage following the crash.

Source: Dailymail


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