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Prince Heir-ship!! Six (6) Prince Siblings Want Quick Ruling That They’re His Heirs!!

A Minnesota judge says he’ll take a request that Prince’s six siblings be declared his lawful heirs under advisement.

Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide said in January he wouldn’t declare the heirs of the late rock superstar until appeals run their course for others whose claims of heirship have been rejected.


But lawyers for Prince’s sister and five half-siblings don’t want to wait, saying any further delays will increase costs to the estate and impede its efficient administration. Eide said on Wednesday he’ll take their request under advisement.

Prince left no known will when he died of an accidental painkiller overdose in April 2016.

Attorneys for those who have been rejected as heirs say their interests would be harmed if the district court doesn’t wait out the appeals process.


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