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Prince Harry Was Under Some Rush Of ‘Lust’ Because ‘Love At First Sight’ Doesn’t Exist- Psychologists

How did you know she was the one?” Prince Harry was asked in his engagement interview with his fiancée Meghan Markle.

“The very first time we met, I knew she was meant for me” he replied.

Well that may have been the case but unfortunately the Prince was probably experiencing lust rather than anything else the first time he met his bride-to-be, because a study has proven once and for all that “love at first sight” doesn’t exist.

Psychologists at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands scientifically investigated the phenomenon to try and work out whether the common rom-com trope is real.

Disappointingly for the romantics amongst us, they concluded that what we often think is love at first sight is in fact more likely strong physical attraction.

Researchers conducted their study on 396 participants, roughly 60 per cent of whom were women, most were heterosexual and the vast majority were young Dutch and German students.


They were then shown pictures of various strangers and asked to rate their attraction to them, noting any feelings of love, including intimacy, passion, commitment and “eros”, which is measured by statements such as: “I feel that the person and I were meant for each other”.

They were also asked whether they felt that they were “experiencing love at first sight.”

Two further studies were conducted which involved speed dating, where participants either spent 90 or 20 minutes getting to know each other. Again, they were asked their feelings for their potential partners.



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