Prince Harry And Prince William Have Been ‘Arguing For 18 Months’, Friend Says



Prince Harry and Prince William have been feuding for 18 months, a friend of theirs who is an ITV journalist has said.


Tom Bradby, who was friends with Prince William and Prince Harry for 20 years before he was dropped by Prince William for “siding” with Prince Harry, claims the royal brothers have been arguing for the last 18 months.


Recall that Tom Bradby is the host of an ITV documentary filmed in South Africa in 2019 who asked Meghan Markle if she was OK and she responded: “Not many people have asked if I’m okay.”


Prince Harry and Prince William have been

Tom Bradby with Meghan in South Africa


Royal sources claim the host of ITV News at 10 sided with the Sussexes in the increasingly bitter “war of the Windsors” and Prince William now feels like he can no longer trust him.



It’s believed the royals have increasing anger towards Bradby and ITV for their support of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


Prince Harry and Prince William have been Tom Bradby with Prince Harry


However, Bradby defended his actions, claiming that it was through his own experiences with mental health issues that he knew the couple were struggling.


He said that he could not do his job without “a reasonable degree of empathy” and in the case of Meghan “I felt like there was an untold story there,” the Sun reports.


Royal aides were also reportedly not happy with Bradby and ITV News’ reporting on Harry and Meghan’s split from the royal family last year.


“It used to be quite a straightforward thing, right, because they weren’t arguing and life was simple,” he said.


“And then it just slowly descended into something that was difficult – personally and publicly – really over the past year and a half.”


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