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Prince Charles II: “Slavery Was a Shameful Trade, A Dreadful Atrocity”

The Prince of Wales, Charles II, gave his opinion on the slave trade, stressing the importance of putting an end to this atrocious practice.

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He described the slavery practiced centuries ago as, among other things, “an appalling atrocity, an indelible stain, a shameful commerce, and an abject horror,” which must never be forgotten.

Prince Charles II, who was in Ghana as part of his tour of West Africa, gave a speech at the Accra International Conference Center, AICC. His message was about memories of his first visit to Ghana.

He highlighted the importance of relations between Ghana and the United Kingdom, he spoke about the impact that Ghanaians had on British society in various spheres of everyday life and also welcomed Ghana as a leader in the subregion and on the continent in general.


“Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the history of our two nations is, I know, closely linked, and if we enjoy today a common chance, we can never forget that our past has sometimes been the witnessing tragedies and losses, and sometimes profound injustices. “

“At Osu Castle on Saturday, it was particularly important for me – as it was during my first visit forty-one years ago – that I recognize the most painful chapter of Ghana’s relations. with the nations of Europe, including the United Kingdom. “

“The appalling atrocity of the slave trade and the unimaginable suffering it has caused have left an indelible mark in the history of our world. If Britain can be proud to have paved the way for the abolition of this shameful trade, we have a shared responsibility to ensure that the abject horror of slavery is never forgotten … “

“… that we abhor the existence of modern slavery and that we vigorously promote and defend the values ​​that make it, for most of us, incomprehensible that human beings can treat each other with such inhumanity”, did he declare.

He also paid tribute to Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations who died in Geneva.

The last stop for members of the royal family is Nigeria. His tour ends on November 8, 2018.


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