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Presidential Election: Congolese Government Says No to African Union

The Congolese government rejected the African Union’s request that the country’s authorities suspend the proclamation of the results.

Thursday evening, African heads of state headed by Rwandan President Paul Kagame, the current president of the African Union called for the suspension of the results of the presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This call is not the taste of Congolese power, which does not expect to give a favorable echo.ADVERTISING

On Friday, in a statement, Congolese government spokesman Lambert Mende said the African Union does not have to tell the Constitutional Court what it should do, adding that this Court is independent enough to ignore this call.Publicity


Rejection of the appeal, but ready to receive the AU delegation

Refusing the request of the AU, Lambert Mende is however ready to receive the delegation of the African Union which plans a visit in the country in the coming days. But this visit would not change anything in the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As a reminder, the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni), proclaimed the candidate Felix Tshisekedi winner of the presidential election of December 2018, with 38% of the votes cast. But France and the Catholic Church in the country denounce these results, and rather attribute the victory to Martin Fayulu. A post-election crisis ensued and has already killed around 100 people.

For the AU, there are “serious doubts” about the results of this election proclaimed by Ceni.


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  1. I personally applaud the DRC government and Mende to reject the African Union. Not because because the electoral process was fair and transparent, and not because Tschiseketi won the elections because even a 4 year old kid knows this election was stolen from Fayulu BUT
    Because Kagame and his colleagues want Kabila and his government to respect the will of the people when they do not do the same in their countries.
    At least opposition does exist in DRC and people really go to poll without fear of their lives. Opposition candidates don’t get beaten up, killed or jailed. They can criticise the government etc.
    How can Kagame looks in Kabila’s eye and say… democracy. Give me a break!

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