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President Xi Jinping Arrives in Rwanda

Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Kigali, Rwanda for a two-day state visit that will see him meet his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame.

This visit will mark the first visit of a Chinese President to the East African nation, in a move that is expected to signify stronger ties between the two countries.


In a signed article published Saturday by the President, Xi mentioned: “China and Rwanda established diplomatic relations in 1971. Over the past 47 years, our two countries have treated each other as equals with sincerity and friendship.

“Based on mutual trust and assistance, our friendship has stood the test of the changing international landscape and taken root in our people’s hearts. In recent years, thanks to the concerted efforts of both sides, our bilateral ties have achieved fast expansion and demonstrated fresh vitality with fruitful cooperation in all areas. China has become Rwanda’s biggest trading partner and project contractor.”


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