President Trump Talks Of ‘Another 4 Years’ During White House Christmas Reception

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US leader, Donald Trump, talked during a Christmas reception at the White House on Tuesday night, December 1, 2020, about spending four more years in office — whether he was referring to January 2021 or January 2025, he didn’t clarify.


Trump lost his bid for a second term in the November 2020 presidential elections but has yet to concede to President-elect Joe Biden even though he has formally allowed his administration officials to allow the president elect’s team to begin transition.

According to reports, Trump could hold an event possibly on Inauguration Day where he will reveal his future plans as he is expected to hint at a run for 2024, leaving the door open to a comeback campaign.

Trump maintains an incredible grip on the Republican Party as GOP lawmakers have not yet recognized Joe Biden as the President-elect.


Reports from Washigton indicate Trump could announce a 2024 run when he does finally acknowledge the results even though he will dismiss the 2020 race as fraudulent.

“It’s been an amazing four years,” Trump told the room, filled with many people not wearing masks despite public health officials’ guidance amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to CNN.


“We are trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.” Trump added.


Trump again wrongly insisted he had won the election, saying, “But they don’t like that.” He also asked if people were watching the “fraud hearings” with his legal team — referring to acts by his attorney Rudy Giuliani has held with state legislatures in challenging the results of the election.

“Honestly, this is a disgrace,” Trump told the room.


If Trump runs in 2024 his supporters like the vice president Mike Pence, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, former UN ambassador Nicki Halsey and even friend Kanye West could turn against him as they all want to contest for presidency in 2024.


In an interview on Sunday, Nobember 29, Trump admitted that even if Biden enters office, he will remain unconvinced he lost.


Trump told reporters last week that he’d already decided what he was doing on Inauguration Day. “I’ll be honest, I know the answer, but I just don’t want to say it yet,” he said.

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