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President Trump Marks National African-American History Month

In his proclamation, US President Donald Trump mentions noted African-Americans like Aretha Franklin and Annie Turnbo Malone.

US President Donald Trump proclaimed the beginning of Black History month on Thursday, lauding the “vibrant culture” and “singular accomplishments” the black community enriched American life and culture with. 

Noting that the slave trade was immoral and inhuman, Trump went on to say how, despite slavery, black Americans were able to attain “groundbreaking triumphs.”   Read More Related Articles

Recommended by Trump mentioned Annie Turnbo Malone, the first black woman to become a millionaire, singer Aretha Franklin and educator Boker T. Washington, among others. 

Presidential recognition of Black History Month began with president Gerald Ford and had been an ongoing tradition in American life ever since.  

While few suspect the good intentions which led to Black History Month being created in the 1970’s, some African-Americans view it as a step in the wrong direction, claiming that black history should be taught as part of American history and not be given a month on it’s own. 

Actor Morgan Freeman famously asked reporter Mike Wallace during a 60 minutes interview in 2005 when is White History month.

When Wallace said he’s Jewish Morgan asked him when is Jewish History month, when Wallace said there isn’t one Morgan asked if Wallace would like there to be one, to which Wallace said no. 

“I don’t [want one] either,” Freeman said, “Black history is American history.” 

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