President Trump Exhumes a Video of Himself Disguised as a Farmer to Announce a Decree on Agriculture

Trump exhumes a video of himself disguised as a farmer to announce a decree on agriculture© Robert Galbraith GMH / DH Source: Reuters
Donald Trump and Megan Mullally, September 18, 2005 (image for illustration).

Not sure that the American president has harvested the fields a lot during his youth, but at the 2005 Emmy Awards, Donald Trump still appeared dressed in a farmer’s disguise to push the ditty on the farm. air of the credits of the television series, Green acres .


On December 20 on his Twitter account, this is the same video that the real estate tycoon reconverted into the 45th President of the United States has chosen to announce the signing of a decree on US agricultural policy, the Farm Bill 2018.

As for the musical quality, everyone will be able to judge the vocal accuracy of the tenant of the White House.


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