President Obama Reveals Shameful Details About His Kenyan Brother Malik

Malik Obama has in the last three years shown inexplicable hostility towards his half-brother President Barack Obama.

In light of this unexplainable grudge, HowAfrica carried out an investigation to establish the relationship between President Obama and his belligerent brother.

Contrary to Malik’s claims of being a good brother, we have established that President Obama has on numerous occasions been subjected to embarrassing moments by his elder brother.

In his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Barack narrates an incident where he flew to Washington DC to meet his elder half-brother for the first.

The two had been communicating through letters and when Barack learned that his brother had gotten married, he decided to fly from Chicago and spend quality time with Roy’s family (Roy was Malik’s first name before he converted to Islam to become Malik).

However, on landing in DC, his elder brother had not turned up to pick him as they had agreed.

When Barack contacted his brother by phone, Malik’s first message was disappointing: “listen, brother-you think maybe you can stay in a hotel tonight?”

Barack was at the time a struggling community organiser and had not made plans to stay at a hotel so he probed for an explanation.

“Me and the wife, we had a little argument. So having you here tonight might not be so good, you understand?” Malik retorted.

Obama explains that he struggled to look for the cheapest hotel where he spent his weekend.

Malik has in the past claimed that his famous brother failed to provide financial help to his Kenyan family and a raft of other seemingly flimsy accusations.

At one time, President Obama’s elder brother stated he was angry that his powerful brother did not help Malik’s unsuccessful gubernatorial seat in Siaya county, adding that the US President does not support Malik’s charity, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, based in the US.


“I would like to say he could send some money. I give money when asked. That’s what family is for. We’re not well off, though people think we are,” he complained during a past interview.

Here is Obama’s narration of the DC incident:

The next morning, I flew down to Washington, D.C., where my brother Roy now lived. We had first spoken to each other during Auma’s visit to Chicago; she had told me then that Roy had married an American Peace Corps worker and had moved to the States. One day we had called him up just to say hello. He had seemed happy to hear from us, his voice deep and unruffled, as if we had talked only yesterday. His job, his wife, his new life in America-everything was “lovely,” he said…Staying with him and his wife would be “nooo proooblem.”

After we got off the phone, I had told Auma (Obama’s sister) that he sounded well. She looked at me doubtfully.

“Yah, you never know with Roy,” she had said.“He doesn’t always show his true feelings.

Roy and I had arranged a visit; I would fly to D.C. for the long weekend, we would see the sights, it would be a wonderful time.

Only now, as I searched the emptying gate at National, Roy was nowhere to be found. I called his house and he answered, sounding apologetic.

“Listen, brother-you think maybe you can stay in a hotel tonight?”

Why? Is something wrong?”

“Nothing serious. It’s just, well, me and the wife, we had a little argument. So having you here tonight might not be so good, you understand?”

“Sure. I-”

“You call me when you find a hotel, okay?…

I checked into the cheapest room I could find and waited.


Written by How Africa

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