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President Mutharika’s ‘I am not Malawian’ Remark Generate Mixed Views on Social Media Circles

President Peter Mutharika’s purported remark that he is not Malawian has generated mixed views in social media platforms, with others saying the Head of State has been misquoted.

Mutharika: I am not Malawian DPP supporters cheer Mutharika
At his first political rally in Lilongwe since he won the presidency for the second and mandatory final five-year ter, in the highly contentious and disputed May 21 elections, Mutharika said he is not Malawi therefore people should not be destroying public infrastructure thinking they are punishing him.

“Ine si Malawi, dziko ili ndilathu, tikamaononga sikuti mukuononga ine koma dziko lanu, dziko lathu,” said Mutharika in vernacular loosely meaning he is not Malawi therefore people should know that they are destroying their own country when they destroy the public infrastructure.


However, some people have interpreted the same statement as meaning that the President said he is not Malawian and would not mind the destruction of public infrastructure going on in the country.

Apprently, in English the President said: ‘I am not Malawian.’

Taking to social media platforms such as Facebook, some Malawians said Mutharika has the US green card.

“Foo 40myears in America, he might have obtained citizenship,” one pointed out.

Collex Msefula also on Facebook said many Malawians had doubts already that he is not Malawian.

Ufulu Wandale said: “I am not Malawian came out crispy and very clear.”

Mosignor Arnold Mboga said he was surprised that some people twisted what the President had said, saying they deliberately chose to misquote Mutharika.

Source: Nyasa times


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