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President Muhammadu Buhari: 10 Things You Should Know About Him

Former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari is preparing to formally take over as Nigeria’s elected head of state today following his election victory in 28 March elections.

Here are 10 things you should know about him:


1.First opposition candidate to win a presidential election
2.He ran unsuccessfully for president of Nigeria three times. 2015 was his fourth attempt at ascending the throne
3.Buhari undertook military training in three countries
4.Military ruler of Nigeria from 1984 to 1985
5.Disciplinarian – civil servants late for work had to do frog jumps
6.He was imprisoned for 40 months following his leadership
7.Buhari’s economic principles and political ideology continue to be referred to as Buharism
8.He was one of two private African individuals to be invited to Barack Obama’s inauguration
9.Seen as incorruptible
10.Survived an apparent Boko Haram assassination attempt


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