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President Mugabe Is The World’s Most Educated Leader? With 7 Degrees

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is the world’s most educated president with 7 degrees of which two are Masters Degrees.

Mugabe was raised as a Roman Catholic, studying in Marist Brothers and Jesuit schools, including the exclusive Kutama College, headed by an Irish priest, Father Jerome O’Hea, who took him under his wing.

Through his youth, Mugabe was never socially popular nor physically active and spent most of his time with the priests or his mother when he was not reading in the school’s libraries. He was described as never playing with other children but enjoying his own company. According to his brother Donato his only friends were his books.

President-Xi-Jinping-President-Mugabe-at-the-airport zimbabwe

He qualified as a teacher, but left to study at Fort Hare in South Africa graduating in 1951, while meeting contemporaries such as Julius Nyerere, Herbert Chitepo, Robert Sobukwe and Kenneth Kaunda. He then studied at Salisbury (1953), Gwelo (1954), and Tanzania (1955–57).


Originally graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Fort Hare in 1951, Mugabe subsequently earned six further degrees through distance learning including a Bachelor of Administration and Bachelor of Education from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Science, and Master of Laws, all from the University of London External Programme. The two Law degrees were earned while he was in prison, the Master of Science degree earned during his premiership of Zimbabwe.

Teaching In Zambia And Ghana: 1955–60

After graduating, Mugabe lectured at Chalimbana Teacher Training College in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) from 1955–58, thereafter he taught at Apowa Secondary School at Takoradi, in the Western region of Ghana after completing his local certification at Achimota School (1958–60), where he met Sally Hayfron, whom he married in April 1961.

During his stay in Ghana, he was influenced and inspired by Ghana’s then Prime Minister, Kwame Nkrumah. In addition, Mugabe and some of his Zimbabwe African National Union party cadres received instruction at the Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute, then at Winneba in southern Ghana.


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  1. “His only friends were his books” because he was considered way to ugly for any more attention to be given. And look @ him now WOW ! To the power of a TRILLION…and even studied while incarcerated keeping his mind sharp and intact, I have many books myself Mr. Mugabe, Iam an avid reader and hopefully the world can someday come to rise above vanity and see what they’ve been missing your story is inspirational indeed !

    • Robert Mugabe is a true son of Africa. Without sanctions Zimbabwe would have been the best paradfise on Earth.
      Look at what sanctions have done to Cuba. Leave our old Pa alone!! OK!!

  2. Is this article a joke president ” HIV doesn’t cause AIDs” who wrote this article I’ll bet he wasn’t very popular or physical!! He took a very prosperous African country and turned it into a hell hole in twenty years good job Bob!! Not!

  3. The most educated my ass. With his education look where he has taken Zimbabwe. The Zim dollar was once one to one with the British pound but his most educated has extinguished it. Should be fed to the crocodiles when he die

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