Again! President Mugabe Beaten Up by Violent Wife Grace In Public

Footage of the incident shows Grace Mugabe slapping her husband, president Robert Mugabe in a fit of rage. Matibiri, Mugabe’s chief police guard, rushes in and tries to calm the situation, telling Grace Mugabe that if she wants to fight her husband she must do it in their bedroom, not in public. Grace Mugabe slaps Matibiri hard in the face and he withdraws in shame, leaving Mugabe to face further abuse from his wife, who is 40 years younger than the 92 year-old despot now afflicted with poor health.

The beating left Mugabe and his aides shell-shocked. Mugabe has previously complained of abuse from his wife, who harbours presidential ambitions and has declared: “Who has more right than me to be president?”


The failure by Mugabe’s guards to restrain his violent wife has left the president exposed and allowed Grace Mugabe to institute a reign of terror within Zanu PF where her entry as the women’s league chairperson has sparked chaos amid allegations of sex scandals. Grace Mugabe has declared that she will not follow protocol because she is ‘superior’ to all of Mugabe’s aides by virtue of being “their boss’s wife”.

Police deputy commissioner general and close relative of president Robert Mugabe Innocent Matibiri is being blamed for failing to protect the dictator as details emerge of the embarrassing altercation in which the president was beaten up by his wife Grace Mugabe.



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  1. This is bad. The first lady should be put under surveillance with psychiatrist for some months since it is not her first time of doing this. My suggestion please.

    • He should step down to avoid being abused by his wife. In every society there is elder abuse and this is one of the cases where there are witnesses and they don’t want to prosecute the culprit because she is the so-called-first-lady. Grace respect Robert please, he’s old enough to be your grand pa.

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