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President Mugabe Allegedly Collapses For The Second Time In As Many Years During A Rally At Masvingo!!

Octogenarian Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe collapsed earlier today during campaigns in a rural town.
Mugabe, 93, was rushed to hospital in Harare, where he is undergoing treatment. Doctors say he is in critical condition. He had earlier collapsed as he addressed a rally at Masvingo, sending score of people screaming as others scattered in different directions as his bodyguards wrestled with photographers in an attempt to prevent them from taking picturesof the frail and ageing president.
Mugabe, who has been in power since Zimbabwe attained her independence in 1980, has insisted that he will not be leaving power to anyone else. His wife, Grace Marufu-Mugabe, said she is ready to take over the reigns of leadership should the octogenarian be declared too senile and unfit to lead the country.


However, Grace said the Head of state may be flown to Singapore tonight should his health worsens.
Two years ago, Mugabe collapsed as he addressed the nation. The entire security detail at the time was sacked for failing to prevent the fall.

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