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President Mnangagwa Runs to Mugabe for Help as Things Fall Apart

Zimbabwe coup president ED Mnangagwa had to run for help to Mugabe today. Ed had to sort the mediation of Mugabe’s long time friend who is also the president of Equatorial /G. Mugabe once saved his friend from coup d’etat some time ago.

The source close to this writer said, “abt 5000 military intelligence personal who are deployed around are picking up information that some rural areas where Mugabe used to enjoy much support are refusing to accept ED”. Efforts by Zanu pf to do rallies in areas like Mash west, Mash Central and Mash east have proven unfruitful. Even the church leaders where ED is forcing to hold rallies are telling him straight that ,”denga harina kufara nematorero amakaita chisimba.”

Ed become even more worried when pro Mugabe party NPF threatened to join MDC alliance whilst pushing a “bhora musango” agenda. Besides, all is not well in Zanu of as Team Lacoste and hired military Junta fights for power.


Ed is said to be very uncomfortable with elections and is desperately in need of Mugabe’s blessing. Zanu pf tried to infiltrate and divide NPF, NPP and MDC to split votes but all these and other efforts have failed. At the same time ZIPP being led by Dr Kasiyamhuru can not be underrated. Now pressure has mounted against ED from all corners as fuel disappears from market whilst prices of basic commodities starts to shoot.

Efforts to rig are proving unfruitful after the EU pledged to provide funds for voters roll external audit something which Zec was using as a shield.
Recently Josiah Hungwe and Terrence Mukupe were quoted saying Zanu pf will resort to the influence of the gun if it loses this elections. Clearing this expresses how desperate these pple have become after all , their efforts have proven fruitless.

Now Mugabe is the only hope for ED. With his blessing Zanu pf is set to get a humiliating historic defeat.


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