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President Mnangagwa Not Safe From Military Coup Which Can Happen Anytime, Says ZUNDE

Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) is happy that this Christmas we have something to celebrate; the departure of the evil Robert Mugabe, courtesy of General Chiwenga. We, however, will celebrate it cautiously because we are yet to be assured of peace, freedom and meaningful democratic change. We are not sure yet that next year elections will be free and fair.

It’s sad that Zanu PF declared that it will not reform itself out of power and that they will not relinquish power because of mere X (vote). In both cases we hear them loud and clear. It’s no rocket science to conclude that only he who can play rugby politics will dismantle the still intact Zanu PF dictatorship.

We have been waiting for the army to complete its national operation Restore Legacy to make an informed decision. Now that President Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga, the architects and beneficiaries of Operation Restore Legacy have come in the open we can now make a full understanding of what they did and why.

First, they did not restore anything not even a legacy, they propped themselves up and forced their own legacy on Zimbabwe. It was abusive of the masses to march them onto the streets to remove an evil person and his criminals from office only to declare a holiday in honour of the same evil person. How can we tell our children we removed Mugabe from office and then ask them to celebrate him?

How can we expect the people of Matebeleland, Midlands and Murambatsvina victims to celebrate Mugabe? This is an insult. How can the millions of Zimbabwean victims scattered in the diaspora be asked to celebrate Mugabe every year!
The army is not constitutionally empowered to grant after office immunity to Mugabe. Whatever has been agreed is binding only between them and Mugabe. We have issues with Mugabe and the constitution provides remedial procedures that we have a right to pursue. We have many people who have disappeared and Mugabe needs to tell us where they are; dead or alive. We will forgive him but he must let us know.

Secondly; it was claimed that Operation Restore Legacy was after criminals who had surrounded President Mugabe. These criminals where never named and as it has turned up, the so called criminals where political pillars holding the Mugabe regime, albeit through corruption or criminal means. Surely Chombo, the only significant arrest, could not have stolen all the missing money and property. Did we need tanks to arrest Chombo? The government must publish this list of criminals around the President that warranted troops and tanks to come out of the barracks!

The army must remember that it is compromised in this matter. In accordance with General Zvinavashe still standing orders, the military has all along secured and underwritten Zanu PF into office through sheer force. All this fits very well into the Mugabe doctrine our-guns-our votes which states that Zanu PF guns and votes are complimentary, they insure each other.
That Mugabe had to go is not debatable but what that meant was that Mugabe and his likeliness or image had to go. On removing Mugabewe gave and still give comrade Chiwenga thumps up. But he can’t remove Mugabe the way he did so that he could takeover. He removed Mugabe and the VPs with the participation of all of us and, therefore, he cannot take the same power on a one person nomination.

General Chiwenga can only be a true hero if he seeks public vote from the same public he worked with to remove Mugabe. To assume power simply by Mnangagwa’s single nomination he is no longer a hero but a mere contractor who is being paid for services rendered. Our appeal to comrade General Chiwenga is that, now that he has retired from the army, he cannot morally take-up the VP post after removing the incumbent in the manner he did.


General Chiwenga can join and contest for political positions in any of the political parties, including ZUNDE, or openly compete in the general elections in 2018 for public office. Constitutionally he could not have been a member of Zanu PF. For him to hold positions in Zanu PF he must be seen to be following the basic membership and promotion laws of the Zanu PF constitution. We understand that some positions will require him to having been a card carrying member of the party for a minimum number of years. However, how Zanu PF will do it it’s up to them!

Thirdly, and now that Zanu PF has used unorthodox and unconstitutional means to retain power, and, in light of its declaration that it won’t reform itself out of power and that it will not give up power just for a mere vote (X), we can only conclude that that the democratic struggle has now a new enemy and task master.

Fourthly; unless President Mnangagwa condemns and apologise for Zanu PF atrocities especially Gukurahundi and all post-independence election violence, abductions, torture and violent farm seizures, his credentials remain suspect and no better than Mugabe. To be taken serious Mnangagwa must reverse General Zvinavashe’s standing order that the military will never salute anyone without liberation struggle credentials, renounces the Mugabe doctrine our-votes-our guns, agree to comprehensive democratic reforms and implements them, agree to a credible 2018 election, scrap the oppressive legislations like AIPA and allow democratic practice (including not pursuing me for this article), he remains an image to the dictator Robert Mugabe.

President Mnangagwa must apologise for the abuse of the security forces, intelligence community, war veterans and collaborators for using them as tools and agents of gross human rights violations. President Mnangagwa must target corruption not individuals or political foes.

Lastly; unless the new service commanders give a public pledge and assurance never to interfere in politics, the generality of politicians from both sides will perpetually live in fear. There will never be freedom in this country for as long as that fear or risk remains. Even President Mnangagwa is no longer safe in his office for as long as this fear persists. Anytime, Operation Restore Legacy may crank into motion. This is how serious our situation has become.

The fear of the army must be resolved now and not later. The army must assure us that it will serve the government of the day and respect the constitution of Zimbabwe. The army cannot meddle directly, as it has done in any affairs of a political party, especially ruling party, under the guise of national security.

ZUNDE remains anxious whether in Mnangagwa and Chiwenga we have found freedom or just younger dictatorship. We fear the later. To the oppressed mases of Zimbabwe we say it’s not yet Uhuru until General Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa clarify all these issues or vabuda pachena. Freedom is a right from God and not dependent on politicians’ goodwill. We are free because God created us thus and not because of the government.

As a party, ZUNDE is available and ready to offer any assistance to make Zimbabwe a better place for all of us. We can participate in national events and occasions if President Mnangagwa’s government assures the security of opposition political parties. We will oppose where it is necessary and applaud where due.

It must be clear to President Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga that, as a nation, we have justified, through recent street action, the removal of a failing and non-performing President. If they perform well and fine, but if not, they risk going the Mugabe way. President Mnangagwa is equally captured as was President Mugabe; he squandered a clear opportunity to rebuild Zimbabwe. Closely monitored by the hungry power brokers surrounding him, he was and may remain a mere captured lame duck!

Merry Christmas Zimbabwe

Let’s be on the watch until we live and experience freedom.

Farai Mbira
ZUNDE President


Written by How Africa

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