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President Magufuli Declares Tanzania Free Of Coronavirus

President John Magufuli of Tanzania on Monday June 8, declared the East African country “coronavirus-free”.


The President who attributed the claimed success over the worldwide pandemic to prayers and fasting that the people of Tanzania offered to God,  also commended the priest and worshippers for not wearing gloves and masks to protect themselves from the virus.


Magufuli said;



“It gives me joy to be the leader of a country that puts God first, God loves Tanzania.

“The works of the devil will always be defeated in Tanzania because Tanzanians love God and that is why even the corona has been defeated by God.”


This is coming after the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern over the government’s strategy on the pandemic which includes not publishing data on the number of Coronavirus cases in the country.


As at April 29 when the last official data was released, 509 cases and 21 deaths had been recorded in Tanzania.


BBC reported that Mr Magufuli had said last week that only four patients were receiving treatment in the largest city, Dar es Salaam. He also dismissed a US embassy warning that hospitals in Dar es Salaam were “overwhelmed” and that the chances of contracting the virus was “extremely high”.


Kenya closed its borders with Tanzania and Somalia due to rising cases of imported COVID-19 cases.


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  1. He should have been giveing noumber from the stat so people may know what type of Corona they are fighting with his idea of testing etc, He has ignord the lives gifted by God and just trying to make his people to be God’s at this point but lives matter more then business and money which he is playing a game with, The world srying through are not mad on this pendamic issue.

    Describing COVID-19 as his “worst nightmare” come to life, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said Tuesday that a lot is still unknown about the coronavirus and warned the ongoing pandemic is far from over.

    “Oh my goodness. Where is it going to end? We’re still at the beginning of really understanding,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said of the pandemic during a virtual conference held by BIO, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

    More than 7.2 million people in 188 countries and territories have contracted COVID-19 to date, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally. More than 400,000 people have died. The virus is believed to have originated in Wuhan, China, late last year.

    As to the reports by the world best He Magafuly is playing games with his public.

    God bless his ways of treeting his country fellow man in general he is just like Second Trump on the planet sa seen from one angel, Lives dont matter to him let him suffer and say the next word as did I D Amin of Uganda in his time.

    God Bless all

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