President Macky Sall: “Senegalese Riflemen Were Entitled to Desserts Unlike Other Africans”

The Senegalese President, Macky Sall has stuck since Friday in a heated debate after making a statement that continues to arouse the wrath of Internet users including Senegalese.

Indeed, during his speech at the symposium launching Volume 1 of his literary series “Republican Conviction”, a collection of his speeches since his accession to the highest office, the Senegalese Head of State, hinted that “With the French colonization, Senegal had positive things including the elections …” It’s true that they colonized us, he said but there was a peaceful decolonization. “

If these first remarks did not disturb the Senegalese, the drop of water that overflowed the vase would be the bit of humor that slipped the Senegalese president in his speech: “As said my teacher Ibar der Thiam, the French have always respected the Senegalese because the regiment of Senegalese riflemen in their barracks, were entitled to desserts while other Africans did not have any. “

As clear as it may sound, Macky Sall ‘s anecdote is not at all the taste of Senegalese in particular and Africans in general.

On the web, everyone goes for his comment. For some, the remarks of the Senegalese president are outrageous and borderline ridiculous. On the other hand, some believe that this is still the inferiority complex that animates some African heads of state, in this case Macky Sall who wants to see the French lift the elevator, after to come to power thanks to the help of the latter.

Great defender of the CFA Franc, the Senegalese president, Macky Sall has always displayed a certain allegiance to the Elysee. Last September, he ordered the expulsion of the famous anti-cfa activist, Kemi Séba, from Senegalese soil after he burned publicly a few weeks earlier, a 5,000 CFA franc note.

It should also be noted that in the recent past, the Senegalese Head of State dismissed his energy minister for not having signed a concession contract for oil zones to the French company, Total.


Below are some comments from Internet users on the statement of the Senegalese President, Macky Sall

Joel Aziz : Apparently we never finish with such nonsense. First of all it is the place of Europe then we are released from such comments. I wonder what’s pleasing to be a guest of honor at his own loss.


Shemsuanta : macky sall is the most void of all Senegalese presidents. 
as the other has said, he has no pace, no stature, no charisma, no personality, no political vision of his own and subject to the interests of his masters who financed his election. we know that macky has been co-opted by francafrican interests because he represents the perfect archetype of the lackey, the backbone, the valet at the service of foreign interests who do not want the takeoff of africa, the african renaissance because it’s about their very survival. 
observe the number of decorations received by him and his ministers, in record time, for services rendered … at least not in senegal or africa.
know it, macky is an African traitor of the worst kind and spreads out day by day all his mediocrity. 
we do not run a country through nepotism, clientelism, ethnicism, the theft of public money, and more serious servile submission to foreign interests who do not want the “development” of Senegal and Africa in general. 
we expect nothing, but nothing under his magisterium. 
the era of “black governors” is over. 
we want panafricanists, african nationalists and patriots to take charge of the power destiny of africa.


Modd Seck Taaly:  No! He can not have said that! And there, we do not even talk about the political background, but the level of argument, if … food and childish! 

Definitely! When we do not know what to say …! 
So, if the “negroes” (most of the minister-councilors, who are highly paid for this) have not written a text for him or if his majesty comes out of it, the nullity is so abysmal?


Jeremis oyemba: This reflection of his excellence Macky Sall is more than questionable. The Senegalese riflemen were massacred during the Great War by the Nazis. What did it bring to Senegal? What about the descendants of these tirailleurs? Even though the colonization has had positive effects force is to recognize that the former colonies of the French pre-square are highly indebted poor countries including Senegal.
Mario: Oh yes, he is right, and today the Senegalese continue to receive French desserts that are denied to other Africans so that African unity can never see the light of day. So, the next time you wonder why Africans never speak a voice, we must look for the answer in the French dessert that crosses the Senegalese gullet. Sad Africa with such Heads of State.
Gaucher: I think it is appropriate to ask him the question to know if really these remarks come from him. If they come from him, then Macky Sall is just inhuman and treats. What a man of reason did not condemn colonization, the only benefit of which was to send the African sons to the butchery for the sole interests of the colonizer. How much Africa would have developed without colonization? Only an emotionally charged African slave can be content with a dessert of white who has sometimes killed his entire family. What a shame on the part of an African President moreover. He gives reason to those who, for the sake of their own people, have come to invade Africa and steal all its riches.

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