President Donald Trump Threatens Canada And Mexico!!

Donald Trump is well known for his many controversial tweets.

On Sunday, the US president threatened on Twitter to no longer negotiate with Canada and Mexico on NAFTA

“We are in the process of renegotiating NAFTA (worst trade contract ever) with Canada and Mexico. It’s very difficult, maybe we’ll have to stop it? “He tweeted.

Shortly before, the President of the United States had also revived a tirade in Mexico about the construction of a wall at the border separating the two countries.

“With Mexico, which is one of the countries with the worst crime rate in the world, we must have THE WALL. Mexico will pay for through refunds / other, “he said.

Some Internet users were quick to bring the president back to order, telling him to deal first with the flooding in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, which has already killed several people.

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