Precautionary Measure!! An American Aircraft Carrier And Its Fleet Reportedly En Route To The Korean Peninsula!!

While they have just bombed a Syrian air base in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack, the United States deployed an aircraft carrier and its fleet in the Pacific due to the “North Korean threat”.

“The US command in the Pacific ordered the carrier group deployed around the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier to be available and present in the western Pacific as a precautionary measure,” told AFP. April 8, the spokesman of the American command in the Pacific, Major Dave Benham.

Dave Benham made no secret of the reasons for the deployment of the fleet, noting that the number one threat in the region remained North Korea, due to its “irresponsible, destabilizing and unwise” missile program and ” Pursuit of [its research] with a view to disposing of nuclear weapons “.

The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is accompanied by its air squadron, two missile-launching destroyers and a missile-cruiser. While originally scheduled to call in Australia, he took the West Pacific route from Singapore.

The United States ready to “settle” alone the North Korean problem

On March 6 and 7, US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping spoke at length in Florida (United States), Mar-a-Lago, in the private residence of the new White House host, and Donald Trump Would have asked his visitor to pressure Kim Jong-Un to stop his nuclear weapons program.


The US President has already threatened the unilateral action of the Pyongyang regime and this threat seems even more credible since the strike ordered on March 6 on a Syrian air base in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack.

“If China does not solve [the problem of] North Korea, we will,” Donald Trump said on April 3, saying Washington would not wait for Beijing’s help. “China will decide whether to help us or not with North Korea. […] If they do not help, it will not be good for anyone, “he added.

A statement taken by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who confirmed since Mar-a-Lago that the United States was ready to “act alone” if necessary against North Korea: “We […] are ready to Act alone if China is not able to coordinate with us to counter the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang, which violate international law. ”

Pyongyang: “strengthening our nuclear deterrence was the right choice”

According to several analysts, the US strikes in Syria were in fact also a clear message to North Korea. “It was a way of saying in Pyongyang that there is a new sheriff in town who will not hesitate to draw,” said Kim Yong-Hyun, a professor at Dongguk University in South Korea. On 8 April, North Korea described the US attack on a Syrian airbase as an “intolerable act of aggression”.

“Today’s reality shows that we must exercise power against power, and this proves more than a million times that our decision to strengthen our nuclear deterrent was the right choice,” added an unidentified spokesman Of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, quoted by the official KCNA agency.



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