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“Pray for Prince George to be Gay”: A Scottish Priest Creates Controversy

"Pray for Prince George to be gay": a Scottish priest creates controversy© Richard Pohle Source: AFP
Prince George with his father Prince William

Curious prayer as advised by the British Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth. He recommended the faithful to pray “so that Prince George is gay”. If the man of faith attaches so much importance to the future sexual orientation of the son of Prince William and his wife Kate, four years old and third in the order of succession to the British throne, it is that he is himself a homosexual and militant for LGBT rights.

“The quickest way to make the Church of England more welcoming is to pray that Prince George will be blessed one day with the love of a handsome young man,” said Kelvin Holdsworth, rector of the Holy Cathedral. -Marie from Glasgow, on her Twitter account.

This unusual call was dubbed a “fairy tale curse” by former Queen Elizabeth II chaplain Reverend Gavin Ashenden. “It’s better to wish Prince George … to fulfill his duties as a prince by marrying and having children,” he told The  Times.

This influential Anglican priest also condemned Kelvin Holdsworth’s release. “To pray for Prince George to grow up in this way … is to pray to weaken and undermine his constitutional and personal role,” he told Christian Today magazine .

The question of the recognition of unions or ordinations of homosexuals has been the subject of heated controversy for several years in the Anglican Church, which has some 85 million faithful.

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