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Prague Zoo Shuts Exhibit To Protect Primates From Catching COVID-19

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Prague Zoo has announced it is closing its popular “Indonesian Jungle” exhibit from Saturday as there is a risk of the orangutan and the macaque monkeys catching Covid-19 from visitors.

In the exhibit, which this correspondent knows well, visitors first walk through a mock cave where bats fly overhead, before emerging into an Indonesian rainforest with various animals including an orangutan and several macaques.


Prague Zoo shuts exhibit to protect primates from Indonesia – Nam News  Network (NNN)

The exhibit housing the lemurs will also be closed.

Zoo director Miroslav Bobek said that as primates, the animals were at risk of contracting Covid-19 from visitors, who are not separated from the animals by glass.

The Czech Republic has so far recorded 45,228 coronavirus infections and 494 related deaths.


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