The Power Of Black Women

In traveling to Asian, Muslim Countries and Eastern European countries you see young women constantly updating their appearance to some new Black American trend. It started with Pam Grier in the 70’s with her beautiful and 100% pure Afro.

Her cinematic grace caused seismic activity among women of color worldwide which made popular the afro which cannot be duplicated outside of the African Identity. That was during the 70’s imagine it now with Venus and Serena who has made it “ COOL “ to be fashionable while strong and athletic.

Along with winning Olympic gold medals and 20 Grand Slam titles, these tennis-playing sisters have forever changed the face of tennis fashion, thanks to their fun, flirty—and sometimes outrageous—court attire. Thanks to these sisters we have Anna Kornakova who should thank her lack of talent but her style to the Williams sisters.

Those are a few examples, today every female musical artist traces their very being back to three Mega Stars. Diana Ross, Billie Holliday and Beyonce/Nicki Minaj okay that’s four but it’s a DNA rudimentary map for any artist to achieve success you have to either emulate this style or create your own. “ Good Luck With That “.

Whether its Seoul South Korea, Tokyo Japan, Cairo Egypt or Prague Czechoslovakia, take a look at the women and see who they are emulating. You can go anywhere on the planet and hear ” I woke up like this ” I’m Flawless ” in any language and in a style that pays homage to an African woman.

The style of it is confidence that is a hair below arrogance and beautiful symmetry in which its hard to duplicate because it drips in authenticity.

But what they don’t know is that the style Black women are creating is a style out of their own imprisonment. It’s the liberation of themselves out of themselves let me explain. You see Growing up in the States every woman I knew wore their hair straight or wore wigs to hide their natural hair.

As a youth to a young adult I never thought this was unorthodox, I just assumed that this was normal among our women. While in college and as a young professional in Corporate America I was attracted to the “ Sistah “ (Black American Slang for African American Women) with the long weave or the processed straightened hair that hung down to her buttocks. The European look for our women was considered the Gold Standard and if any black women dared ever to wear her crown of natural hair she was ridiculed by her family and not seen as attractive to her male suitors.

As Black Americans we were not conscientious to know that accepting our own beauty was a sign of how low our self esteem was. Even Black men straight-ed their hair in the early 40’s and 50’s to look European, thank God that movement died out as we fought on the front line for our own self esteem issues.

This type of thinking didn’t have a clinical term until now, its called “Post Traumatic Slave Disorder “in which 99% of all Black Americans unknowingly suffer from.  According to Dr. Joy Degruy, PTSS is a set of behaviors, beliefs and actions associated with or, related to multi-generational trauma experienced by centuries of slavery in the United States. Which has harnessed systemic and structural racism and oppression, in multi generational maladaptive behaviors, which originated as survival strategies

The scientific and psychological proof of chemically straightening your hair has remnants of a mental dysfunction but it also has a rather adverse and potentially lethal medical component.

According to 2012 Boston University study that found Black women who use hair relaxers are at slightly higher risk of developing uterine fibroid: They’re non-cancerous tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus, causing heavy bleeding, painful periods and are a leading cause of hysterectomies.

According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, African-American women are three times more likely to develop fibroid than other women.

These Statistics about our beautiful African women who would rather abuse their own bodies in an effort to reach a false sense of style is hurtful to all Africans at its core. I unknowingly participated in the acceptance of  women who rejected their own beauty for the look of something alien to them.

The standard of Beauty was defined by European standards, any woman here in the States who chose to wear their own hair was ridiculed for looking “Nappy “Wild “and “Uncultured “. Standing back and looking at it, Black Men could have accepted their women in their natural state but the “Warrior Class “suffered from the same mental cloak of standards of beauty.


Once I became conscious of the fact that our women were beautiful without the wig, the weave or the colored contacts. I began to see our world through a different prism of light that my eyes couldn’t detect. Its akin to finding the truth and wanting to dispute the lie for as long as you have air in your lungs.

I realized that the conflict within our people became avenues of exploitation and revenue generators for other Ethnic groups let me explain this further. When you think about the “Hair Care Industry “in the United States or in Europe. It’s a “PRE Colonial Industry “.

The horror of slavery in America never ended it fueled capitalism in 1865 which emancipated Slavery but in reality it was a transition from physical bondage to mental bondage. That mental bondage was the gateway for other races to cash in on our trauma for exploitation. Case in point, here in the States and across huge swaths of Africa, the Synthetic hair (Weave) market and beauty products are dominated by Koreans, Chinese and Indian people.

This type of industry shouldn’t exist because they feast on our diagnosed PTSS by offering products that take away from our “natural “African identity. What this says is that these businesses shouldn’t even exist because if we all accepted our love for our women in their natural state why would we need to patronize businesses to destroy their imagery?

Many Black American hair care business owners have approached these foreigners with partnership ideas only to be met with a stern refusal. They feast on our communities like vultures and we unknowingly give them our hard earned capital. Yes its true Black Americans and Africans have been responsible for putting foreigner’s children into universities while our women were self-medicating their images to look European. This is where we began to fight back out of our own shell of low self esteem and self love.


The pre war proverb from the great Dr. Kaba Kamene said “If you take two groups of people and you give an advantage to one group and suppress the other group. That when the group that was suppressed achieves success over the privileged group The oppressed group is greater “.

This is why I love our Gallant Black American women and African women.  A group of Black women business owners decided to tilt the scales in their direction from the foreign dominated hair care businesses. The first method was by ditching the chemicals that straighten their hair. Its simple mathematics Black women’s hair in its natural state doesn’t need a relaxer to straighten it, synthetic hair nor hair gels.

The sudden attention to creating a space for Black Women in their own hair care industry started gaining speed.  Sir Isaac Newton’s law of momentum “the net force applied to a body produces a proportional acceleration. In other words, if a body is accelerating, then there is a force on it “.

That force was Black women waking up and lifting the veil of PTSS and Colonialism and realizing that they are beautiful regardless of their hair texture. The constant acceleration of our women choosing their own standards of beauty morphed into a shared idea. Which spawned a network for Black women to purchase Black owned hair care products from each other where they profited off of these products 100%.

The result of this process has closed numerous Asian owned businesses that exploited our communities and countries for decades.  Black Women are just getting started with this idea which hasn’t been perfected but it’s a primary example of an African idea where space isn’t needed but it exist onto itself.

It has connected the rural with the urban and the unconscious with the conscious. Access to this thinking isn’t a European ideal it’s uniquely African its pure mathematics with emotion. It’s a completely natural in theory and practice its collaborative entity that predates Eurocentric ideals.

This type of thinking doesn’t need storefronts or spaces where consumers have to physically see the products. It’s within the existing space that already exist, that is how our ancestors thought. It’s the ever collapsing technological significance of nature that these powerful women haven’t even studied but innately channeled.

They easily defeated their competitors by creating a space that nobody who doesn’t think African can penetrate. These are small examples in the future, there will be others that will expound upon this Ancient but technologically advanced method.

I travel around the States and various portions of the “Motherland “. I am proud to see our men throw away the European idea of beauty and accepting our African women for who they always have been. This was the first step in time there will be another.

source: Silicon Africa


Written by PH

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