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Poverty Is Political, You Can Not Reduce Poverty Without Politics

Wealth is Political. Poverty is political. Politics decide who would be rich and who will be poor. Literary.

When the Normans invaded Britain, they imposed their language and distributed the land to their aristocrats. Today the Normans don’t own any land in UK.

When Mugabe took power, 80% of Zimbabwe lands were owned by few White English men. Today the situation had changed. Mugabe gave the lands back to their rightful owners.

Until Gowon, Nigeria oil was owned by few white men from Britain and France. Gowon – an evil guy – nationalized Nigeria oil, creating by the way a bunch a local millionaires and crooks.

If there are a lot of private money in Nigeria, compared to any other country in Africa, it’s because of that single political decision.

It’s possible that logic was behind Mandela calculations. He convinced the European terrorists in South Africa to concede political power to Africans, but temporary keep the economical power.

Before Mandela, there were no African millionaire in South Africa, but only famous political prisoners. Now there are even African billionaires there.


I think what happened in Zimbabwe will happen in South Africa too. The South Africans will use, soon or later, the political power to take back their lands and economy.

Wealth is political. Political change usually bring radical change in wealth distribution, unless you elect house negros.

Poverty too is political. Politics decides who is poor and who is rich. You can NOT reduce poverty without politics.

Reason why, You must always first seek political power, and then the economical kingdom will be yours.

That’s the lessons history had in store for us. This has nothing to do with your petsonal feelings. So just keep them to yoursel.

For all the stupid and small minded people who despise politics – “I don’t do politics” types-, I’d advise you to reflect on the reason why business men invest so much in corruption, lobbying, and political elections.

Wealth is Political. Poverty is political. Politics decides who would be rich and who will be poor. Literary.

source: Silicon Africa


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