Portugal’s Cape Verdean Community Stars In Award-Winning Film

After eight years in a correction house, the young Spira returns to his neighbourhood of Reboleira, in Amadora, Portugal, and tries to reconnect with his close ones.

This is the beginning of the film “O Fim do Mundo”, “The End of the World”.


Director Basil da Cunha worked with non-professional actors to tell the struggles faced by the young generation from Cape Verde descent in Reboleira.

“I thought it was important to portray the reality that they live and pay homage to our neighbourhood, Reboleira, that is disappearing”

The Portuguese-Swiss director has lived in the slums of Reboleira for more than ten years.

The marginalised area and its Cape Verdean community remain invisible in Portuguese society, he says, which is why he decided to make it the centre of his film.

“Cinema serves to portrait communities that are unfortunately in the shadows of a country’s history,” da Cunha said.

“O Fim do Mundo” was in competition in 2019 at the Locarno festival in Switzerland and won the prize for best national feature film at this year’s Indie Lisboa festival.

It was released on Thursday in Portuguese cinemas.


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