Popular Kenyan Gospel Artiste’s S*xtape Leaked by Mistress (Photos)

A prominent gospel artiste in Kenya has been shamefully roped in a s*x scandal after his partner leaked some questionable contents on social media.

Zak Mtumishi is currently caught in a serious dilemma after a lady he had sex with leaked the video of their after-performance, just to tarnish his name, and people keep saying that is the hand work of the God, just to expose his unworthy hidden ways.

According to the story which have now gone viral on Kenyan social media, the singer, after having sex with the lady and obviously now in a good mood, jokingly put on the lady’s underwear putting on a strip show for the lady while she films it on her phone. That would be the biggest mistake of his career as the video has found its way to the public domain. The lady is accused to have deliberately leaked the embarrassing video to retaliate an unknown offense of the gospel star.

Zak Mtumishi rocking the lady’s underwear
The lady in question, for yet to be fully spelt out reasons uploaded the video clip on social media to tarnish the image of the gospel artiste who is expected to be holy to an extent, due to the religious nature of his vocation.
The embattled Zak Mtumishi has reportedly gone into hiding as he avoids the prying eyes of the press and fans as a whole.

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