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Popular Jamaican-Created Slangs You Should Know

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Slavery in the New World meant that different tribes and people from different geographical regions found themselves in the diaspora where they were forced to create a common tongue to communicate.

This they did very successfully leading to creole languages and patois in the case of Jamaica, a language of rich hybridization.

As if speaking a common tongue was not enough for the majority of African descendants, they created and shared the most interesting slangs and sayings that any country in the world can create.

I believe we should share them with the world because they are not only unusual and unique but can be whimsical and even aggressive.

Below are some of the words or sayings that make the way Jamaicans speak interesting and attention-drawing:

Jamaican slangs or sayings and their meanings

Wicked – nice, exceptional, beautiful, great, good


Belly bottom — meaning the abdomen

Foot bottom – Sole of the feet

Eyeball — eye

Gallist – Womaniser

Mackerel – lean or slim

Headboy – A man with a large head

Fattist – A very fat man

Battyman – Homosexual

Sodomite – A lesbian or transgender

Cyclops – A one eyed person

Hang pon nail — lumpen or undesirable person

Sketel – person of disrepute

Friars – A coward

Shotta – A gunman , especially an Inner city gunman

Party tun up – The party is great

Shell Down the party – enjoy the party to the fullest

Batta – abuse

Wata – water

Magre – meagre

Cabbage – Money

Blacka – A very dark complexioned man

Grun – Farm

Rass – ass

Big up – Hail or give respect

Frigga – Bad person

Eat under table – To participate in oral sex

Stuff out – to murder or kill

Johncrow – a disreputable person




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