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Popular Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Calls for Legalization of Polygamy in Ghana

John Dumelo, a Ghanaian actor and politician, said polygamy should be legalized in Ghana because most men have mistresses.

The actor, while calling for the repeal of the Ghana Marriage and Polygamy Ordinance, explained that most married men have women with whom they have business outside of marriage, who fulfill the same functions as their wives.

He wrote: “Under customary law and Mohammedan law, Cap 129, a man can marry more than one woman. Under Marriage Order No. 127, a man has the right to marry only one wife. If he marries more than one, he commits a bigamy. I think it is time for this to be repealed. After all, most married men have concubines and it is time to elevate them to the status of women because they perform the same tasks as legal spouses. “

John Dumelo also added that, in the same spirit, polyandry should be legalized so that women can marry more than one man.

His wife, Mrs. Gifty Mawunya Dumelo, responded to her message by saying, “Equal Rights, indeed … Babe hurry to go home and meet my new husband.”


John Dumelo’s message has now been removed from his Instagram page.

Dumelo also gave an interview to Citi FM, based in Accra. During the interview, he stated that there was nothing wrong with engaging in polygamy as long as the family had enough resources to care for the larger family that would result from a marriage. polygamous.

According to John Dumelo, women should also be allowed to choose several husbands because it is “perfect” in both directions.

He said, “I think there is nothing wrong with that. I mean if our Muslim brothers and sisters do it perfectly, why not Christians? Provided you can take care of your family and your two or three wives, that’s fine and I mean, I talk to a lot of my Muslim friends and they agree, personally I do not believe it but I feel it’s good for Ghana. “

“The reversal is also perfect, do it both ways, do it for women too, but of course, men are like that and women are not. So you will find fewer women doing it, but I think it should be legalized. “


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