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Popular French-Malian Singer, Aya Nakamura: “My Mother Did Not Believe in Me”

Aya has a secret about her deep intimacy from her beginnings to her ascent today in music.

During her visit to Ivory Coast for a concert, Aya Nakamura did more than she expected.

In front of the Ivorian press, she made some confidences about her life. Before knowing this success, there were ups and downs.

The French-Malian singer had not had much support from her family. She unveiled to the press that part of her life that made her suffer a lot.


“My mother did not believe in me. But today she is proud of me. She is my mentor, she is the one who advises me and she is always present when I need her. “

His stay in Ivory Coast was a very good experience in his career as an artist.

Aya Nakamura, whose real name is 23-year-old Aya Danioko, is the R’n’B sensation of the moment thanks to the monster success of the single “Djadja”, one of the hits of the summer.

With the key a nice record: she is the first French artist n ° 1 sales in the Netherlands since Edith Piaf in 1961 with “I do not regret anything”.

The best is yet to come because the singer is not ready to stop in this good way.

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