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Popular ‘Fast And Furious’ Actor Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down In Tears Calling To His Billionaire Friends For Aid- Video


Tyrese Gibson in a video that has gone viral, asked his billionaire rich companions to come to his help over the custody of his daughter Shayla

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He additionally asked his ex Norma Gibson to drop her battle for a controlling request against him.

“Kindly don’t take my child away, I’ve been far from my infant for 2 months,” he says with tears moving down his cheeks.

“I’m not doing anything unlawful by doing this video. I win 13,999 dollar for every month what more do you need from me.

Nobody showing up for me. I have billionaire and millionaire friends, I’ve been there for you but no body here for me.

“I’m a married man I have moved on with my life, I do not hate her mother.

“I don’t know why you hate me but I don’t hate you, you cant accuse me of doing what I didnt do…I never cry.”

Watch video below…


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