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Popular Celebrities With Allegedly Insured Body Parts That Are Worth Millions Of Dollars

Sometimes it’s hard to put a price on certain things. For us mere mortals, the idea of having to value what our limbs might be worth is mind-boggling – how does one even begin to measure this?

Thankfully, it’s not an issue most of us have to deal with.

Earlier this week, the world learned that Mariah Carey has insured her 5 octave voice (From F2 to G7, should you care) and legs for a cool £35 million a piece. No biggy.

We’ve handily rounded up a list of the rumoured body parts celebrities have insured, just in case it comes up in a pub quiz or something.



THE FEET: Michael Flatley: £20 million

THE TONGUE: Gene Simmons’ tongue – £500k.

Madonna Br_asts £1 million.

THE BOSOM: Dolly Parton around £400k.

THE MOUSTACHE: Merv Hughes, £370k.

THE THUMBS: Fernando Alsono, £9 million.

Fernando Alonso, F1 driver has had his thumbs reportedly insured for almost £9 million as part of a Ferrari deal.

Julia Roberts Insured Her smile for around £20 million.

THE SMILE: America Ferrera, £7 million.


Tina Turner inured Her LEGS £1.5 million.

THE LEGS: Mariah Carey, $70 million.

Jennifer Lopez $27 million: Jennifer Lopez might just have the most famous body in Hollywood.

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Ronaldo Legs Insured For $144Million

David Beckham is one of the world’s most identifiable sports stars, so its no surprise that he’s got body parts insured. He has a giant $195 million insurance deal on his legs, feet and toes. Not only are they protected from injury, they’re protected against disfigurement given the work he does as a model.

Daniel Craig may have been reckless when he decided to do all the stunts for “Casino Royale” himself, but he made cautious moves like taking up an insurance policy for his entire body, just in case he hurt himself. It turns out this insurance is worth $9.5 million.

We insure our homes, our cars and our lives; however, when it comes to Hollywood, some stars have much more at stake.

Powerful singing voices, quads and even smiles come at a price. If anything ever happened to the Boss’ vocals, David Beckham’s legs or Julia Roberts’ killer smile, they would be out of a paycheck.

Therefore, it makes sense that the biggest A-listers would take out insurance policies to cover their assets. We’ve compiled twenty celebs who reportedly have policies on everything from legs to vocals.

From Jennifer Lopez to Heidi Klum, the above is how much your popular celebrities bodies are worth.

Credit: Business Insider


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