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Popular American Rapper Missy Elliott Shines After Spending 4 Months Drinking Only Water

Popular American rapper Missy Elliot unveiled her physical change and radiation four months after she stopped eating bread and drinking only water.

The 46-year-old rapper says she has only been drinking water in recent months for liquids, and says she stays away from bread. According to Missy, the results have been excellent …

Sharing the good news with her fans on her Instagram page, she said:

I’m proud to say that it’s been four months since I drink only water, no juice or soda and that I stopped the bread and the Lord knows that it was the hardest for me! “I have NEVER been a water drinker, but it has helped my skin,” it really restores the radiance of my skin and I do not feel lethargic 🙌🏾. Now the other thing if I can only stop junk food 🙅🏾😞 is my weakness 🤦🏾♀#REALITIES But if I can give up these other things, I will fight for! Maybe two cupcakes a month 🤷🏾♀🤣😩.


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