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Popular Activist, Kemi Seba Slams Liberian President George Weah

Since the last visit of President George Weah in France, the latter continues to be strongly criticized by some. We remember that after his brief stint at the Elysée, the former footballer had sought the help of the French state to revive the economy of Liberia and the field of Sport.

A hand extended to France that young Africans had severely criticized on social networks.

Some believe that George Weah is in the process of registering a perspective of the sale of Liberia to France. This is the case of the young Coulibaly Moustapha who had declared on facebook ” Just arrived, George began to sell Liberia! Or Aki Dermane who warned President Weah, ” George’s attention does not sell your country to vultures.” “

Kémi Seba also made a criticism of President George Weah during his recent visit to the Sikka television channel. The leader of the pan-Africanist emergencies movement said that the former footballer had approached the “predator” , Emmanuel Macron. And this is a bad thing.


“Weah, when he comes to beg the help of France, is no different from a Ouattara. And it hurts the African youth all the more because Weah was someone who gave a lot of hope to this same youth ” , considers Kémi Séba.

” I want to understand that Weah is attached to PSG but you should know that the PSG is not the Elysee and that football is not politics, ” he added before continuing by making to know that George Weah is mistaken as a partner and that ” Macron is not David Ginola … Macron is a predator for Africa, who sees … in the African continent, … an attic in which he can use . “

For Kémi Seba, Weah should now turn to the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), who are looking for a win-win partnership.

” Weah does not understand that we are in a process of breaking with this country and the approach that is his is an approach that is always part of this logic of economic and political begging and bad geopolitical reading grid … ” , hammer Kemi Sheba.

“The African youth … wants a break of substance and form with France; and when we are hopeful for this African youth, we do not go in the opposite direction to the aspirations of this youth, “ said Kemi, while recalling that the Liberian president has made a bad start in external relations.


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  1. Turning to the BRICs is the worst idea to me. These guys are exploiting us more in the name of partnership. They bring a small company with several of there citzens following to collect fats salaries. Tgey refused to train our people and capacitate us. What kind of partnership is that?

    I prefer the Europens or Americans partnership with better agreements because these people respect their signatures and human rights. Kaba is speaking one sided without understanding the pains many young African professionals are going through today. Thanks

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