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Pope Francis Admits Not Knowing Where Emmanuel Macron Comes From!!

Pope Francis refused to give advice to the French to decide between the two presidential candidates, explaining that one, Marine Le Pen, represented “the strong right”, and did not know where it came from Emmanuel Macron.

“I tell you sincerely, I do not understand the French domestic policy,” Pope Francis said on April 29, questioning the temptation of French Catholics for the populist or extreme vote in the plane that brought him back from Egypt .

“I tried to have good relations even with the former president [François] Holland. There was a conflict in the past, but we could talk about it, “he added, probably in reference to the debate on homosexual marriage or the rejection by the Vatican of the appointment of an ambassador of homosexual France.


“Of the two political candidates, I do not know the story. I know that one represents the strong right, but the other, I do not know where it comes from, so I can not give an opinion, “he said, laughing, without citing Names of the two candidates.

At eight days of the second round, the presidential candidate who wants to free himself from the parties, Emmanuel Macron, received on 29 April a strong support of François Hollande, while his rival Marine Le Pen announced to have chosen in case of victory A sovereignist Prime Minister in the person of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

The Pope had been much less cautious during the American election campaign. In February 2016, Pope Francis and Donald Trump, then a candidate for the Republican primary, had exposed their profound differences from a distance. “A person who wants to build walls and not bridges is not Christian,” the Pope said, provoking an angry reaction from the real estate tycoon, who considered it “ashamed” that a religious leader “questioned The faith of a person “.

Donald Trump said he was eager to meet the Pope during his trip to Italy in late May for the G7 summit in Taormina, Sicily. “I receive all the heads of state who ask for it,” Pope Francis replied on April 29, while stating that he had not yet been informed of such a “request”.

Source: RT France


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