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Pope Compares Mary And Joseph To Migrants And Calls For Charity

Pope compares Mary and Joseph to migrants and calls for charity© Alessandro Bianchi Source: Reuters
Pope Francis holds in his hands a lifejacket used by a migrant, Vatican, May 2016, illustration

In his homily on Christmas Eve, December 24, from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Pope Francis wished to remind the 1.3 billion Catholics on earth that, according to him, the parents of the baby Jesus were migrants.


He drew a parallel between the current situation of the refugees and that of Joseph and Mary forced to flee because of the persecutions of King Herod, as reported in the  New Testament : “Mary and Joseph, who had no place, were the first to whom God gave identity papers. God who is poverty and humility shows us that true power and authentic freedom are revealed by assisting and honoring the weak and the fragile, “Pope Francis said.

François castigates the modern “Herod” and calls for charity

Pushing the nail on this day marked by generosity, he then added: “So many other footprints are hidden in those of Joseph and Mary. We see the traces left by entire families forced from now on, we see the traces of millions of people who do not choose to leave, but who, driven from their land, leave behind their loved ones. ”

Finally, the Pope denounced the figure of the modern “Herod”, incarnated according to him by those who, “to impose their power and increase their wealth, see no problem in shedding the blood of the innocents”. He also called on all believers to open their doors to migrants: “Christmas is a good time to turn the power of fear into a force of charity.”


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