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Polyandry: Meet Rajo Verma, The Indian Woman Who Married 5 Brothers And All Live In One Room!!

Rajo Verma, 21, lives in India with her 5 husbands, 5 brothers. They sleep together and sleep with a different husband every night. Polyandry, the fact that a woman has several spouses, would be customary in the village of Dehradun.

Rajo does not know which of the 5 brothers is the father of his 18-month-old child. She married at a wedding arranged with the first of the brothers, Guddu, 4 years earlier. Since then she has also married Baiju, 32, Sant Ram, 28, Gopal, 26, Dinesh, 19.

“We all have sex with her but we are not jealous (…) We are a great and happy family ,” said the first husband, Guddu.

The tradition of polyandry in India was widely practiced at one time. It is now only in a few villages. This tradition in the region means that a woman marries all the brothers in a family.



This type of atypical family is generally found in the mountains of Tibet or in the vicinity of the Himalayas. Tradition, which is now seen as archaic, is maintained by a few Indian and Chinese women who help young men who can not find a woman.

Much more love and attention

Rajo added that she has so much more love and attention than the majority of women. They do not have beds, they all sleep on the floor. Her mother herself had married three brothers.

In video below a similar story, in India, a woman married to two brothers for 25 years. One of their boys is sure that this system is good and ensures great stability. He wants to follow the tradition and share a woman with his brother. In their village, almost everyone is related.



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