Poll Results Showed I Shouldn’t Concede To Joe Biden – President Trump

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The Republican candidate in this year’s United States Presidential Election, Donald Trump, has released poll results showing he should not concede to his democrat challenger, Joe Biden.

The incumbent president made this known in a tweet today. It read, “Should President Trump concede to Biden? Poll Results: No: 190,593 (98.9%); Yes: 2,181 (1.1%) Total Votes: 192,774. For the good of our country, we must prevail!”


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Trump, who reportedly lost his re-election bid to 78-year-old Biden and former vice-president after the latter’s victory in the electoral college votes, has refused to concede while alleging fraud in the election. Biden has so far described Trump’s refusal to concede as “an embarrassment”.

But while Trump continues to contest the outcome of the election in court, the General Services Administration on Monday acknowledged Biden as the apparent winner of the election, following weeks of inaction.

Emily Murphy, who heads the GSA, the government agency meant to ease Biden’s transition into the White House, wrote to the president-elect. “Because of recent developments involving legal challenges and certifications of election results, I have determined that you may access the post-election resources and services described in Section 3 of the Act upon request,” Murphy said in a letter to Biden, citing the Presidential Transition Act of 1963.

Trump also called on his agencies to cooperate with the GSA chief. “I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same,” he tweeted but noted that court cases against election results continue.

The designation triggers a formal transition process, giving Biden and his team access to current agency officials, briefing books and other government resources, including some $6 million in funding.

The announcement is a “needed step” to “getting the pandemic under control and our economy back on track,” Yohannes Abraham, the executive director of the Biden-Harris transition, said in an emailed statement.

“In the days ahead, transition officials will begin meeting with federal officials to discuss the pandemic response, have a full accounting of our national security interests, and gain complete understanding of the Trump administration’s efforts to hollow out government agencies.”

HowAfrica had earlier reported that for weeks, the Biden transition team has worked informally to establish a new administration, including assembling a coronavirus task force and consulting with public health officials outside of the federal government, mimicking the approach former Vice President Dick Cheney took during the disputed 2000 election.

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