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Police Violence In The United States #AltonStreling: The Top Artists React To Music

Jay Z, Miguel, Chris Brown and other American artists have posted unpublished pieces following the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, umpteenth victims of police violence in the United States.

This week has been especially difficult for the African American community in the United States. While the country celebrated its national holiday on Monday, July 4, the day of the festivities was rough. Two black men were shot by police officers, Louisiana and Minnesota and their death was filmed in videos become viral. Both victims and Alton Sterling Philando Castile sadly become hashtags like many other black Americans before them Eric Garner Sandra Bland or Trayvon Martin.

If events and reactions are not made to wait in the street or on social networks, some celebrities have chosen to share more than just a word along with emoji. Jay Z, Miguel, Chris Brown and Swizz Beatz also expressed incomprehension and fear in unreleased tracks where they bishops police violence and a heavy feeling of injustice.

Jay Z – Spiritual

Just as his wife Beyoncé, Jay Z was keen to share his feelings in a song called “Spiritual”. it evokes including the death of Mike Brown killed in 2014 by white policemen. “I’m not a poison, I’m just a guy who raises his hands district desperately, do not shoot,” Hova raps. Jay Z was not released solo piece for nearly four years.

He accompanied the title of the note:

“I wrote this piece there is a time and I never had time to finish it. Punch TDE told me to leave it when Mike Brown is dead and sadly I said,” this problem is still relevant. “It hurts me to tell me that I knew that his death would not be the last ….

I am saddened and disappointed THIS America – we should have progressed. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I trust in God and I know that everything that happens is for our ultimate good but … it’s hard there. Blessings to all families who have lost loved ones to police violence.


Miguel – How Many Lives

Miguel began recording the song in a hotel room in London when he was not sleeping. “How can I sleep? How can I rest? How can I dream? How could I remain silent,” he says at the beginning of pieces before declaring “I’m sick of his lives that become hashtags

Swizz Beatz & Scarface – Sad News

“Sad news” is the title song of the two legends of rap Swizz Beats & Scarface. The husband of Alicia Keys returns to the story of young Trayvon Martin while Scarface, more edgy, wondering where is justice.

Chris Brown – My friend

In this piano ballad voice, Chris Brown does not speak explicitly of police violence but rather seeks to console those who have lost loved ones. “I took this song for free all people who face injustice and obstacles in their lives.”, He said on Twitter.

Schoolboy Q – That Part (Black Hippy Remix)

This Thursday, July 8, Schoolboy Q has released his new album Face Blank and he did not hesitate to honor the victims and Alton Sterling Philanto Castile in its promotional process. In addition to the release of his LP, he unveiled a remix of her hit “That Part” with his crew the Black Hippy. He dedicates his verse to recent events and strong criticism modern society:

“We made gangbang as if we supported a cause / when Alton Sterling is killed for nothing / Two loose in a car, they are just there to film / He say” Black Lives Matter “, they should have to die with him / No good n **** in your neighborhood, you will confuse / a n **** with a white badge you gonna let it flow? / Tell me how they slept that night, having sent this video / it soule me that my daughter should live this life / I would die for my daughter, must lead to action “”



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