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Police Chief Under Fire For Arresting ‘Miss Black Texas’ and Allegedly Calling Her ‘Black B*tch’

The title of Miss Balck Texas didn’t protect Carmen Ponder from racial profiling.

Miss Black Texas 2016 demands the dismissal of a North Texas police chief, who allegedly arrested her for no reason her and called her a “black bitch.” 





Lee Merritt, Miss Black Texas’ attorney said his client was physically traumatised and is now afraid to leave her house.

“If this is how [Crews] behaves when he feels someone disrespected him … how does he handle people who he suspects of committing real crimes?” Merritt said.

“It’s just a reminder that our skin color, speaking specifically about the African-American community, is seen as something hostile, dangerous and illegal,” he added.


At the moment  Kerry Crew is under the investigation and we strongly wish to see him sacked so that Black people could walk the streets calmly and peacefully.


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