Man who Posted Alton Sterling Shooting Video Arrested

Chris LeDay wasn’t the one who filmed the Alton Sterling shoot, but he was one who made the video go viral. He was one of the first people to post it on social media. He spread it on his Instagram page, Twitter and Facebook pages and it was from his page other media houses took the video and spread it.

He was allegedly arrested by Police officers after the video went vial.

According to LeDay’s Facebook post, he was going to his job as a technician at Dobbins Air Reserve Base when he was suddenly detained by both military and civilian police officers.
According to LeDay, the officers had reason to believe he ‘fit the description’ of someone wanted for battery. He was reportedly cuffed and shackled, but at the police station he was informed that he’d been arrested due to unpaid traffic tickets. He spent the night in jail and was released after paying $1,231 in fines. LeDay admitted to not paying the tickets because he couldn’t afford them but his license was suspended.
LeDay feels he was arrested by the police as payback, for him posting the video.

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  1. Facebook even acknowledged that even though the videos posted were graphic they said that they were also necessary in order for us to see what we are still dealing with. I feel the posting was necessary also it could have been one of my relatives and then I would have been even more grateful and because of Mr. Le Day’s contribution their families had a chance to get what many didn’t which is visual and audio confirmation on what lead to the loss of their family members lives and I am sure that they are grateful too. Hopefully nothing more is done to Mr. Le Day because not everyone was pleased with what happened as they quickly saw that there was no excuse for it Mr Le day should remember to be careful in the future because he was right in realizing that for them to have arrested him over traffic tickets which they really didn’t keep the focal point on only should have showed him how quick they too can and will tap into Facebook coverage and could very well hold it against you. Man, Facebook has such a large following these days who ever knew…thanks Mr. Le Day

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